Peter Jonathan Images

I get nervous before every wedding I photograph. If I didn’t have nervous tension, I probably would have lost the drive and passion for what I love doing the most. The reason is simple: I love spending the day with brides and grooms creating wedding day memories that will last a lifetime.¬† I hunt for moments that cannot be recreated or relived. I love capturing the raw emotion of a wedding day. I want to be the best not only for myself but especially for my clients. If I didn’t wake up every morning with excitement about photography¬† I would simply hang my camera up and find another career.

After spending years in the corporate world and never truly feeling content, I found my passion, talent, and drive in photography. My ultimate goal was to get on the fashion side of photography since I spent several years as a model in front of the camera in Indianapolis and southern California. Here are a few interesting facts about me: I am completely self-taught in photography; I am a rare “left eye shooter,” just like my rare (A-) blood type; I hold a liberal arts degree in Sociology; I lived in Prague and Budapest 5 years out of my life; and played college basketball for Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. ¬† I continue to travel the world and take pictures in my free time.

My first wedding came by chance in the fall of 2007 and it was then that I decided to put all my energy and time into learning the art and craft of wedding and lifestyle photography. It feels good to wake up every morning and love what I do! I wish that everyone could find his or her passion and follow it with as much reward as I have. I am proud to have photographed over 300 weddings. Now in my 10th year of wedding and lifestyle photography, I continue to learn, I continue to grow, I continue to fuel my passion, and I continue to capture real people and real emotion. I am Peter Jonathan Images.