Our Process

People select us because of our process and professional approach, but there’s so much more that goes into a client relationship that can’t really be replicated/duplicated. It’s a very personal and intimate relationship and that takes time to develop.

What you’ll see below is our entire process for taking a wedding (or any photography job, but this one is specific to weddings because it’s the most involved) all the way from inquiry and the first meeting up to the digital delivery of photos.


This could be from a potential client reaching out to us through our “Learn More” page, a referral from a previous client, or a face to face meeting with someone looking for a photographer. The conversation usually leads to us figuring out a high level overview of what the potential client is looking for and determining if it’s something we a) offer and/or b) are available for and/ or c) want to take on.

FAQ and Get To Know Each Other.

Our next step is to present the client with our FAQ page that will hopefully address most of their questions. We answer questions like, “What’s your style?”, “What equipment do you use?”, “Do you only photograph weddings?”, etc. This can weed out some people who are looking for something different than what we are offering. This is a good thing. The more aligned we are with a client from the very beginning, the better the entire relationship will go.


We offer three different experiences that fit into your budget and coverage you might be looking for. We are also more than happy to create custom pricing if your wedding day is out of the typical mold. This is your wedding day!  One of the most important days of your life. This deserves more than a time limit, more than posed, uncomfortable images. It deserves a full investment from all sides, attention to the most minute of details, and a personal connection. When you book with us, you’ll find you’ll have all the coverage you need for your wedding day. That’s a promise.  

The work and product we offer is obtained through a process that really can’t be altered. It requires two photographers, a set (minimum) amount of time, certain lenses, a hefty investment in personal time spent getting to know you, and an extensive post production process where we agonize over things you probably don’t care to ever know about. If we took away any part of this, you wouldn’t be getting the best value for your money, and we wouldn’t be creating the best images for you.


Once we all agree on a “final final” we send over a digital contract. If there are any changes, we will make them and send back. From here, we will upload a finalized, agreed contract for an e-signature or if we’re able to meet in person, we will sign there.  You will also receive a unique private client communication portal where at any time they can log in, revisit, print the contract, or review our email communications at your convenience.

Engagement shoot.

At this point, we will schedule the engagement shoot if necessary. We love doing engagement shoots because it helps us further get to know our clients and ultimately give them the best wedding photos. It’s not essential, but it is nice.

Shoot, edit, and deliver engagement photos.

This process usually takes 2-3 weeks. We’ll give a preview of 10-20 images within 24 hours. Upon post processing completion, we will then deliver all edited high-res JPG’s via a personal link where clients can save and distribute the images. FYI: We don’t watermark our images.

Wedding prep time.

As we get closer to the wedding, we go over and finalize any travel arrangements. Prep all our gear. Format memory cards. Charge batteries. Buy extra batteries if needed. Load up the car if we’re driving or the suitcases if we’re flying. We will also connect with you and discuss your wedding day photography timeline. What time will the photography begin? Who are the VIP’s? Are there any odd family dynamics we need to be aware of?  Is there a completed family photo list? Etc.

Arrival and venue scout.

For local weddings, we will try to arrive early that day and scout out the wedding venue. We like to know where to set up the most important shots. A lot will happen on the fly, but the more we can be prepared for, the better. If we’re traveling a long distance we like to arrive the day before to scout the venue (if possible) Most venues are great about this, but some can be picky if there’s a wedding in process.  We try our best to get to know all the venues prior to your special day.

Wedding day photography.

Our photography is efficient and effective and part of the plan which leaves room for the beautiful spontaneous moments we all adore. We capture the story, the celebration and the love. You focus on each other, let us handle the details of the day!

Social media preview.

Within 24 hours we send you a link that provides you with 5-10 images (sometimes more) from your wedding. It gives you an opportunity to share some of your professional images with your family and friends and on social media very quickly.

Editing and post-production.

We do all of this ourselves. It would be very difficult for us to hand off photos to an editor that wasn’t involved in the entire process. We understand why some photography studios do it, but it’s just not our style. For editing, we use a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Delivery of edited images.

Here is where we give clients a chance to see the entire wedding album digitally. Clients will receive a personal link where they can download and save all full high resolutions JPGs.

Help with prints and album design.

If you chose a package where we design and print your wedding album this is when we will begin working on it. Our stunning albums are available in an array of materials including 100% genuine Italian Leather in our most substantial and elegant option. Our albums are printed in Italy and shipped directly to you if you live out of state.  If you happen to live in San Diego, we love to hand deliver the album to you!

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