Ah, the age-old question: when is the best time of the day for photography shoots? As a copywriter and digital marketer, I can tell you that this is a question that comes up often when creating content for Facebook ads and Google ads. But fear not, my dear clients, for I have the answer! First and foremost, it’s important to consider the type of shoot you’re doing. Are you capturing a beautiful sunset or sunrise? Then you’ll obviously want to plan your shoot around those times of the day. Are you shooting indoors with artificial lighting? Then it may not matter as much what time of day it is. But let’s say you’re doing a shoot outdoors during daylight hours. For optimal lighting, many photographers will tell you that the “golden hour” – the hour after sunrise or before sunset – is the best time to capture stunning photos. The light during this time is softer and warmer, making for a more flattering and natural look. Plus, the colors in the sky can add a beautiful backdrop to your images. However, don’t discount the “blue hour” – the hour before sunrise or after sunset – as a great time to shoot as well. The blue light during this time can add a unique and moody feel to your photos. And if you’re shooting in a bustling city, the lights from buildings and streetlights can create a stunning contrast against the blue sky. Of course, if you’re doing a nighttime shoot, then obviously the best time would be after the sun has gone down. But keep in mind that you’ll likely need additional lighting equipment to properly capture your subject. So there you have it, folks – the best time of day for photography shoots depends on a variety of factors. But with a little planning and know-how, you can capture stunning images that will make your clients give your five stars and keep them coming back for more!