1. What is your primary style?

3. How many weddings have you shot, and have you shot ones similar to mine?

4. How many times have you worked specifically as a wedding photographer?

5. How many other events will you photograph that weekend?

6. Will a contract of the services be provided? If so, can I get a copy?

7. What happens if the photographer is ill?

8. Do you have insurance?

9. Does the package I am interested in include an assistant or second shooter?

10. Does your studio allow me to choose a certain style of post-production?

11. Will you color correct my images?

12. What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups?

13. Should my event last longer than scheduled, will you stay? Is there an extra charge?

14. What attire will the photographer and their assistants wear?

15. How long after the event will the proofs, album, etc be ready?

16.  Do you consider yourself a natural light photographer? If so, why? 

17.  How are you off-camera lighting skills?  How will you light my reception room?

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