It was such an honor shooting the wedding day of Chelsea and Mitchell Condra!  I’ve known the Condra family for several years, and have always enjoyed taking their family photos every fall in various locations around Indianapolis.  Mitchell’s mother Cheryl Condra, and their family landscaping business Hoosier Lawn Maintenance also redesigned my front yard landscaping and my front yard to this day still turns heads by the dog walkers.  I regard the Condra family as my dear friends!  I got to know Chelsea and Mitchell throughout the years as they were always a part of the photo festivities as girlfriend/boyfriend.  Some family pictures were taken with Chelsea, and some were taken without her.  That’s just the way things go when you are not “officially” part of the Condra tribe.  But NOW it’s official! Chelsea no longer has to step in and step out of the photos!  It was inevitable that these two were going to tie the knot, but it had to the right time for both of them in their lives full of education, careers, and responsibilities.  September 22, 2018, was a perfect day, and I was so grateful that I got to be a part of Chelsea and Mitchells special day.